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Purl Natural Climbing Skin Wax

Purl Natural Climbing Skin Wax is the ultimate companion for backcountry adventurers who understand that uphill glide is just as crucial as downhill glide. Made with all-natural ingredients, this petroleum-free skin wax enhances skin glide while preventing snow and ice build-up.

Forget about glow-in-the-dark additives and funky scents! Purl Climbing Skin Wax is pure and uncompromising. It comes in a convenient 2oz reusable tin, making it lightweight and easy to carry in your pack or pocket.

Applying the wax is a breeze. Rub it heavily onto the warm, dry, plush side of your skins in both directions. The wax penetrates deep beneath the fibers, providing optimal performance.

You can also use the hot wax method for a more thorough treatment. Lay out your skins on a clean surface with the plush side up and iron the wax into the skin just like you would with your ski bases. The low-temperature ironing process ensures that your skins remain intact while allowing the wax to adhere effectively.

So, whether you're a human-powered skier or snowboarder, let Purl Natural Climbing Skin Wax elevate your backcountry experience. Get yours now and enjoy smooth glides on every ascent!