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Yosemite Valley Trucker Hat

A painting of Yosemite valley and the iconic Half Dome is pictured on a stylish trucker hat.These trucker hats feature a mesh cap and adjustable plastic tab in the back, the circumference of the adult/regular hats is 22" - 24". The circumference of the XS/S hats is 21"-23". Color--Greybill style: curvedbill color: greymesh color: greyunderside of bill color: greyplastic tab in back color: grey Color--Blackbill style: curvedbill color: blackmesh color: blackunderside of bill color: blackplastic tab in back color: black Color--Redbill style: curvedbill color: redmesh color: yellowunderside of bill color: orangeplastic tab in back color: yellow Color--Turquoisebill style: curvedbill color: turquoisemesh color: navyunderside of bill color: turquoiseplastic tab in back color: light blue