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Sawyer Sunscreen

"Don't fry, re-apply" has been the rule for sunscreen application in the High Sierra. Saywer's new long-lasting Stay-Put sunscreen is formulated to stick to your skin even when you're sweating, making frequent re-application a thing of the past. Keeping you comfortable and protected all day long with a single application, Sawyer Stay-Put SPF 30 sunscreen uses a non-greasy, Breathable Matrix Formula that spreads into all layers of your skin, uniquely penetrating where other sunblocks simply can’t go. This allows Stay-Put sunscreen to bond with the skin while allowing sweat and water to pass over the sun-blocking compounds to prevent them from deteriorating. 

Enriched with aloe vera and vitamins, Stay-Put SPF 30 is recommended for most uses, and a single application penetrates deep into your skin for all day sun protection. It’s also engineered to be effective when combined with Sawyer Insect Repellents.