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50 Classic Day Hikes of the Eastern Sierra

This guidebook covers 50 choice options for day hikes in the Eastern Sierra from Lone Pine in the south to Mammoth Lakes in the north. Some are obvious possibilities from popular trailheads and some are more obscure, presenting possibilities you might never discover on your own without a little insider information. This book covers not only the eastern escarpment of the mighty Sierra Nevada but also the Owens Valley and adjacent frontcountry and the Inyo and White Mountains that form the eastern wall of the valley. Full of detailed beta on both trailhead access and the hiking routes themselves, the book also is packed with beautiful and inspiring color photographs and historical, floral and faunal footnotes that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of this diverse and breathtaking landscape. This guidebook is sure to get you psyched before you even leave your first footprint in the singletrack.