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AlpineAire Backpacking Meals

The key to enjoyable backcountry cooking is variety, and with the array of tasty options from Alpineaire you can be sure to find an ultralight meal to fit your palate. These dehydrated meals cook up in a flash with just hot water, and feature a resealable top so you can easily save your leftovers for later. Grab a few of these for your next trek over Paiute Pass into Humphreys Basin!

 Flavor (V = Vegetarian) Calories Protein Weight
(V) Leonardo Da Fettuccine 660 30 g 5.5 oz
(V) Rice and Beans Bowl with Vegetables 300 9 g 6 oz
Chicken Gumbo 540 32 g 5.5 oz
Spicy Chicken Curry 600 28 g 6 oz
Three Cheese Chicken Pasta 580 38 g 5 oz