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CAMP Windmit’n

The CAMP Windmit’n seems so simple that it couldn’t possibly work, but believe us… it does! At only 15g (0.5 oz) per pair you hardly know you have them in your pocket. You hardly know you are even holding them without looking at your hands. But put them on when hands are cold and wet and watch them do their thing. Put them on over liner gloves or bare hands and you will instantly feel the increase in warmth and comfort. At 25% of the weight of 1 package of chemical hand warmers, the Windmit’n works better and faster (especially at altitude), and is of course reusable. This is an innovative product that mountain runners, hikers, and ultralight fastpackers love and don’t often go without. For a fully integrated handwear system using these mitten shells also check out the CAMP G Comp Wind glove. Technical Features:Great for Mountain Running and ultralight FastpackingBuilt-in stiff sac, packs down to the size of a tea bagWeight: 15g (0.5 oz)