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Evolv Phantom

The Phantom climbing shoe is Evolv's pinnacle shoe designed by their R&D team in collaboration with top athletes. The ultra-performance shoe utilizes Phantom Technology in the forefoot to synergistically combine multiple game-changing technologies (NEOFLEX, TPS+, and AVT) to create a powerful and sensitive shoe designed for your hardest climbing. It uses NEOFLEX technology in the Knuckle Box, a two-way stretch neoprene laminate which allows the Knuckle Box to expand in the flex position and actively rebound when not flexed. This alleviates hot spots over the knuckles and maintains performance and fit over time.The TPS+ (Tension Power System Plus) is the combination of the TPS rubber midsole, which maintains the downturned toe with an extra wing for enhanced arch support. The Phantom is equipt with AVT (Abridged Variable Thickness) plastic midsole that provides greater toe sensitivity while still maintaining the optimal amount of support and structure where you need it most. The Phantom's Compression Closure System is an advanced 6-point single-pull closure system with double D-ring and hook-and-loop that secures the foot for a superb fit. Finally, it features the Dark Spine S (sensitive) heel, which is the combination of the Dark Spine midsole and a thinner 2mm heel outsole to give optimal structure and sensitivity for technical heel-hooking.