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Exped Tool Blade

The Exped Tool Blade is a must-have accessory for mountaineering in the Eastern Sierra. It allows you to upgrade almost any backpack to securely attach modern ice axes and ice tools, giving you peace of mind while climbing on the mountain.

The Tool Blade consists of three components: the aluminum blade, elastic attachment cord, and threading cord, making it easy to use even with gloves or mitts. The elastic cord can be mounted on any daisy chain or webbing loop on the outside of your pack, and the inset grooves on the Tool Blade ensure that your ice tool stays secure.

With the Tool Blade, you have the flexibility to select the position of your ice tool on your pack, making it a great advantage over fixed attachment systems. If necessary, you can even add an additional Tool Blade to secure the spike end of the axe, or use a strap for additional stability.

Removing your ice tool or axe from your pack is quick and intuitive, making it a convenient and efficient tool for any mountaineering adventure in the Eastern Sierra. Don't leave for your next climb without the Exped Tool Blade!