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Hammer Gel

Hammer gel is a specially formulated endurance fuel optimized with complex carbohydrates and pH buffering for sustained energy, no sugar crash, and no upset stomach. Each serving contain 20-23g of carbohydrates (depending on flavor), making these perfect for fueling every 30-45 min during high-exertion activities. For added alertness, the Espresso and Tropical flavors also contain 50 and 25mg of caffeine, respectively.

Hammer gel is also available in bulk 26-serving bottles, which you can take on the go in their portable 5-serving Hammer Flask. This is a great sustainable alternative to individually packaged gels! Buying gel in bulk not only saves you money, but enables lots of customization in how you use the gel. For example, if you dislike the thick texture of gels, they can be diluted with small amounts of water in the Hammer Flask. Or, two flavors can be mixed for some welcome variation for your taste buds.