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Klymit LiteWater Dinghy Pack Raft

The LiteWater Dinghy is an ingeniously-designed light duty pack raft that effectively minimizes many of the problems inherent in these types of rafts. The large, shaped back section of the raft moves the center of buoyancy directly under the paddler while also pushing directly in the lower lumbar area which elevates the paddling position and supports the back for much greater comfort during long periods of paddling. This design allows you to sit upright instead of forcing you to lay back which is a very awkward and fatiguing position while paddling. Finally, with oval-shaped rafts water-tracking is non-existent. The arrow-shape and centered weight of the Klymit design allow it to track water surprisingly well; not like a kayak, of course, but much more efficiently than any other pack raft. One other innovative design feature is an inflation bag that doubles as a dry bag, with a tooth-lipped valve that tightly connects to the unidirectional valve in the boat preventing air from backwashing out.If you have long-desired a way to keep your gear and/or yourself dry during backcountry or coastal water crossings, canyoneering adventures, etc. but have always dismissed the notion of including a packraft in your kit as unfeasible due to weight and volume considerations then desire no more and get yourself one of Klymit’s LiteWater Dinghys. Features:Fabric: 210 D ripstop polyester top & bottomExternal Dimensions: 76 in x 45 in; Internal Dimensions: 41 in x 18 inCapacity: 350lbsPacked Size: 4.5 in x 9 inWeight: 2lb 3ozAdvanced arrow shape that enhances tracking2 inflation/deflation valves; 6 tie-off zones for load securingErgonomic & upright seat position for greater comfort during long periods of paddlingIncludes: Inflation Stuff Sack, Custom Patch KitRating: Class 2 (recommended for conditions from mild flat water to very wavy water with easily avoidable obstacles)