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Rhino Skin

  • Rhino Repair Cream is a non-greasy skin repair lotion for rock climbers. It is designed to be used liberally on the hands, as it will be absorbed completely and won’t leave you with greasy mitts. It’s a must-have for Bishop climbers, especially after shredding your skin on sharp Buttermilks granite.
  • Rhino Performance is a skin lotion that helps you maintain tough, dry, pliable skin. It’s a lifesaver for Bishop-area rock climbers who suffer from wet, sweaty hands or fingertips. It’s a similar product to Rhino Repair lotion, but it contains a small amount of Methenamine, a drying agent. Unlike other products like antihydral, you can use Rhino Performance on your entire hands without worrying about over-drying. Start with one application every few days, and increase the number and frequency of applications as needed.
  • Rhino Dry Spray is the next step up from Rhino Performance, for climbers who suffer from overly-sweaty hands and fingertips. It’s a drying spray that you simply spray on and leave for 8 hours as it applies and activates. Dry Spray is an excellent product and a lifesaver for many climbers, but should be used with caution when applying for the first time!
  • Rhino Split is a healing ointment that can help rock climbers heal their skin splits and gobies. It is enriched with vitamin E, arnica, dragons blood and tea tree oil to help disinfect and speed recovery. It’s perfect for your raw tips after going hard on Eastside granite.