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Tailwind Rebuild

Training for the June Mountain Triathlon and feeling less than spritely when you finish a long session? High performance athletes have raved on Tailwind Endurance fuel that is literally all you need while racing, but your body also needs to refuel afterwards to heal your muscles. Designed by ultra runners - Tailwind Rebuild is engineered to nourish your muscles and body with a plant-based complete protein that is bolstered with carbohydrates, healthy fats and the perfect amount of electrolytes. Great tasting and easy to mix into water after you’re finished with the real work, Tailwind Rebuild is designed for any kind of eater and to be easy to digest. Training or racing, no longer do you have to hold back on your veganism or gluten, soy or dairy intolerance, just reach confidently for post workout recovery nutrition that you know will bring you back up to feeling optimal faster.

  • 12 convenient packets to shake into water within the first 30 minutes post exercise
  • Glycogen Replenishment
  • Muscle rebuilding
  • Rehydrates and Restores