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The North Face Women’s Belay Sun Hoodie

Let me tell you about the amazing Women's Belay Sun Hoodie, the ultimate protective layer that feels like a second skin. Made with an ultralight fabric that's not only incredibly comfortable but also 100% recycled, this hoodie has got your back during those intense sunny days redpointing your new project, to the days spent scrambling mile-long ridgelines. It's designed to shield you from the sun with UPF 40+ protection, ensuring your skin stays safe from harmful rays. Thanks to its moisture-wicking FlashDry-XD™ technology, you'll stay dry and cool, no matter how much you're sweating on the wall or the trail. And here's the best part: the hoodie comes with an extended collar, providing extra coverage and ensuring your neck is protected during those long days on route. So grab your rack, slip into the Women's Belay Sun Hoodie, and get ready to conquer new heights with confidence and style!