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TriggerPoint Grid STK X

The TriggerPoint Grid STK X is ultimate handheld foam roller for targeted relief of minor aches and pains. This massage stick is a must-have tool for your recovery arsenal, designed with all types of mountain athletes in mind.

Wrapped in EVA foam and featuring the patent-pending GRID 3-dimensional surface, the Grid STK X replicates the sensation of a skilled massage therapist's hands, allowing you to channel nutrients directly to your tired and sore muscles. Experience the soothing relief as the massage stick rolls over your body, targeting those specific areas that need attention.

The AcuGRIP handles of the Grid STK X provide complete control over the pressure applied during your massage. Customize your experience and release knots and tightness precisely—no more settling for generic, one-size-fits-all massage tools. With the Grid STK X, you have the power to tailor your massage to your exact needs.

Convenience is essential, and the Grid STK X delivers. Its compact and portable design allows you to take it wherever you go. Whether you need relief after a challenging mountain run, want to unwind at the office, or prefer to have it in your gym bag, this massage stick is your go-to solution. It's water-resistant, ensuring durability and easy cleaning after your sweaty sessions.