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Climbing Gym Membership

Ongoing Monthly Membership

Pre-Paid 30 Day Membership

Initiation Fee = $35
(+$10 per additional person added to your account)

Monthly Fee = $50
(+$35 for the second person +$15 for each person after)

Freeze Fee = $8 per month
(talk with our staff about how this works)

Individual = $75

Couple = $115

Family = $115 + $15 per additional person

This is the best option for anyone that is going to be using the regularly using the gym for more than one month. Monthly fees are charged automatically by direct deposit. Check out our membership agreement. 


Use this is option if you are only going to be in town for a month or less. We do not charge any Initiation Fee for this membership.


Couple and Family Memberships

Couple memberships are formarried or domestic partners living at the same address. Family memberships include children under 18 years of age. Roommates and adult siblings do not qualify. You will need to provide documentation when signing up for a joint membership. Examples of acceptable documentation are:

  • A bill or account statement demonstrating you live at the same address.
  • IDs showing your shared address.
  • A marriage license.
  • A rental agreement with both your information.

View our full membership agreement here.