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Climbing Gym Membership

Ongoing Monthly Membership

Pre-Paid 30 Day Membership

Initiation Fee = $35
(+$10 per additional person added to your account)

Monthly Fee = $50
(+$35 for the second person +$15 for each person after)

Freeze Fee = $8 per month
(talk with our staff about how this works)

Individual = $75

Couple = $115

Family = $115 + $15 per additional person

This is the best option for anyone that is going to be using the gym on a regular basis and plans to be using the gym for more than one month.  Monthly fees are charged automatically to any debit/credit card you want to have on file. Check out our membership agreement. 


This is a great option if you are only going to be in town for a month or less and plan to use the gym on a regular basis.  We do not charge any Initiation Fee for this membership.