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Climbing Gym Rules

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  • Liquid Chalk Only.  No other chalk is permitted.

  • Everyone who stands on the bouldering pad must have a completed waiver on file.

  • Everyone must check in before using the gym

  • Parents, Guardians or Coaches must supervise children under 14 at all times. No unsupervised drop-offs will be allowed.

  • No climbers under 5 years old allowed in the gym at any time.

  • Be aware of climbers above you and do not walk underneath them.

  • Wear a shirt.

  • No street shoes on the pads or walls.

  • No climbing shoes in the bathrooms, because... ewww.

  • Be kind and respectful of other gym users. Their safety is your responsibility.

  • No running, rough-housing, horseplay, distracting noises, or yelling.

  • Whenever possible, use downclimbing holds instead of jumping.

  • No bouldering under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • No food or drink on the bouldering pads. Water bottles with secure tops are permitted off the pads.

  • All participants must agree to follow all gym rules, policies, and instructions provided by staff. 

  • Kids must be 14 or older to use the weight room