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Mountain Inspired Designs

We started Sage to Summit because the Eastern Sierra inspires us to run, ski, and climb at our limits. Over countless trail miles, boulder sessions, and campfires, we’ve befriended artists who are just as inspired by these mountains as we are. We realized we could collaborate to create gear that not only performs, but captures the essence of the Eastside that brought us together.

Peabody Chalk Bucket

For our signature chalk bucket, we envisioned chalking up for our favorite Bishop highballs, and then built the bucket we really wanted. Local artist Alexandra Rubio illustrated the iconic Peabody Boulders for it. This monster bucket is exactly what you need for the send.

Sage to Summit Chalk Brush

We want to share the Eastside experience with climbers for a long time to come. Typical plastic chalk brushes are abrasive and can quickly lead to polishing and erosion of the rock. Our softer boar’s hair brush is perfect for removing built-up chalk without harming the rock.

Trucker Hats

Does it get any better than a trucker hat? Our caps feature beautifully illustrated peaks from Half Dome all the way to Mount Whitney. With a classic fit and durable construction, these hats are built to last. Support the work of local artists who share your love for the mountains.

Greeting Cards

Send your love with that unique Eastside touch. All our greeting cards feature original artwork inspired by adventures in the mountains. Support independent artists and say “Hello” with a one-of-a-kind greeting card.