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Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

This drink mix is ideal for mountain runs or fastpack trips where frequent consumption of liquids is critical to maintaining hydration/electrolyte levels but where drinks that are too strongly-flavored or that use artificial ingredients can leave your stomach feeling upset and/or bloated. Skratch uses cane sugar as its carbohydrate source, contains less calories and more electrolytes than most other sports drinks and, perhaps, most uniquely appealing of all, it is flavored using REAL FRUIT, without additional artificial sweeteners. It was so highly coveted in its formative days during the Tour de France that pro riders were secretly using it instead of their sponsor’s sports drink. Take some with you on your next fastpack trip and you could be the envy of the trail and the mountain runner with the happiest taste buds.Skratch Lab Highlights:Only real fruit for flavorLight and mild tasteNo artificial ingredientsFewer calories, more electrolytesFlavors: raspberries, pineapples, oranges, lemons & limes