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9.5 Crag Classic Rope

9.5 Crag Classic Rope: the classic among Mammut single ropes. As an all-around rope, it is suitable for both sport climbing and traditional climbing. This rope would be an ideal piece of equipment for climbers looking to head out to the Owens River Gorge or Pine Creek Canyon. At 70 meters in length you can climb and lower off of 99% of the single pitch routes in pretty much any venue in the Eastern Sierra. With the 80 meter you'll be the king/queen of the mega top rope. The 9.5mm diameter offers a nice balance between durability and performance giving you that fuzzy warm feeling when running it out on the PSOM Slabs, while at the same time saving your back on that steep approach down into the Owens River Gorge. 

Diameter: 9.5 mm

Length: 70 or 80 meters

Stretch on first fall: 33%

Sheath proportion: 40%

UIAA dry test: 46%

Static elongation single rope: 8%

UIAA falls (single rope 80 kg): 6 - 7

Impact force: 8.8 KN

Weight: 59 g/m

Cut: Basic

Center mark