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Adventure Ready Compact Drying Towel Refill (4pk)

Looking for the convenience of quick-drying towels that keep up with your adventurous spirit? The Adventure Ready Compact Drying Towel Refill (4pk) is your answer! These towels are designed to tackle all your drying needs, whether it's wiping down camp surfaces, drying dishes, or simply keeping your hands clean and dry.

With just a few drops of water, these compact and lightweight towels expand instantly, ready to absorb moisture and leave surfaces spotless. Alternatively, you can manually expand them for dry use. It's the perfect solution when you're on the go and need a quick drying solution.

Crafted from 100% rayon, these towels are not only highly absorbent but also reusable and machine washable. They are built to withstand multiple adventures and provide long-lasting performance.

This 4 pack of Adventure Ready Compact Drying Towels ensures that you always have a fresh towel on hand, no matter where your journey takes you. Compact and convenient to carry, they easily fit in your backpack or gear bag, making them an essential item for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Multiuse Drying Towels - 4 pack of Drying Towels can help clean or dry hands, dishes, camp surfaces, and more
  • Use Wet or Dry - Expand with a few drops of water or manually expand for dry use
  • Reusable & Long Lasting - Towels are 100% rayon, machine washable, and reusable