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Flashed Bolt Brush

The Bolt Brush is the perfect tool for sessions at Happy Boulders. Its unique design combines versatility and durability to make it a must-have for any climbing trip.

The front of the brush features soft boar bristles and a crescent arc shape, which allows it to remove chalk and dirt from holds easily. The back of the brush has stiff bristles that are angled to keep your knuckles out of the way as you clean deeper holds or slots.

The handle of the Bolt Brush has been designed to minimize the use of plastic while still offering a comfortable grip. The handle has cutouts to reduce plastic use and an aerated center that allows for an intricate design with dense bristles.

Not only is the Bolt Brush a practical tool for climbers, but it is also environmentally friendly. It is made with recycled plastic #7, making it a sustainable choice for your climbing needs.