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Cleanwaste The Original WAG BAG

Ahhhh, the Wag Bag. Savior of the fragile alpine landscape. King of emergency poos. Prized by rangers across the land. Outdoor recreation has grown so popular so quickly that the official recommendation of the Leave No Trace organization is now to pack out waste via this: the WAG BAG.

This biodegradable double bag system is approved for disposal in regular trash, making it a convenient and responsible choice. Each kit comes complete with everything you need for a clean and hygienic experience. It consists of a waste collection bag pre-loaded with non-toxic Poo Powder®, which gels waste and controls odors, ensuring a spill-proof and odor-free solution. The kit also includes a zip-close disposal bag, toilet paper, and a hand sanitizer for added convenience and cleanliness.

Pro tip: pack it alongside a Loksak Opsak bag to cut down on odor!

Whether you're camping, hiking, or on the go, the Wag Bag is perfect for use with the Go Anywhere portable toilet or on the ground. Its versatile design allows you to use it with any portable toilet, providing a sanitary solution wherever you are.

Utilizing Wag Bags is especially important here in the Eastern Sierra--in both the alpine and in the desert environments, waste does not properly break down in soil, rendering the traditional cathole useless. Do yourself, the environment, and all the hikers who will come after you a favor by packing a Wag Bag on all your adventures!