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Exped Seal Sleeve

Exped Seal Sleeve is the ultimate protection for your gear on your backpacking and mountaineering adventures in the Eastern Sierra. With its sleek and durable design, you can keep your maps, smartphones, tablets, and books safe from water, dust, and other elements that you may encounter on your trip.

This sleeve is made with clear TPU film and low-profile welded construction that not only protects your gear but also allows touch-screen functionality and access to buttons and speakers. The waterproof and dustproof zip-seal is flexible, easy to open and close, and rated to IP 67, ensuring complete protection even when submerged in water up to one meter.

The Seal Sleeve comes with lash points in the corners, allowing you to tether it to your backpack. It can also be rigged with a neck strap, making it easy to carry your map on your chest for quick access while navigating.

Available in six sizes to fit all standard e-gadgets, tablets, maps, charts, and books, the flexible TPU material provides a snug and secure fit for your gear. With the Exped Seal Sleeve, you can enjoy your backpacking and mountaineering adventures in the Eastern Sierra with peace of mind knowing your gear is protected.