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Flashed Finger Tape 13mm

Are your fingers feeling the sting of that Buttermilks quartz monzonite? Flashed Finger Tape is the solution to keep your digits in top shape. Climb confidently as this premium finger tape provides essential support to your tendons and pulleys, helping you easily conquer new grades.

If you're a regular climber, you know the toll it takes on your fingers. From skin tears to flappers and various injuries, your hands take a beating. But worry not, because Flashed Finger Tape is here to protect and enhance your climbing experience.

Crafted with a soft and comfortable fabric, this tape ensures maximum comfort. Its sticky adhesive securely holds the tape in place without leaving any residue on your fingers. You can focus on reaching new heights without any distractions.

13mm wide and 10 yards long, Flashed Finger Tape offers ample coverage for all your climbing needs. Whether you're a seasoned climber or just starting out, this tape is an essential addition to your hand care kit.

Choose Flashed Finger Tape 13mm - the best climbing tape for protecting and supporting your fingers throughout your climbing journey. Say goodbye to painful injuries and hello to stronger, more resilient fingers.

Allergy Alert: adhesive contains Rosin. Stop use if skin irritation occurs.