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Flashed Finger Tape 38mm

Flashed Finger Tape 38mm is the ultimate solution to keep your fingers in top shape while pulling on rocks and plastic. When your fingers feel the strain, this tape provides the support your tendons and pulleys need, allowing you to climb confidently at every grade.

Crafted with your comfort in mind, Flashed Finger Tape's soft and comfortable fabric lets you squeeze in more laps at the Buttermilks while you work towards your next big send. The sticky adhesive is designed to hold up even during the most intense climbs, providing reliable support without leaving any residue on your fingers.

Not only does this tape protect your skin from abrasions and cuts, but it also serves as a crucial tool for finger stability. Flashed Finger Tape gives you the peace of mind to push yourself and reach new heights (literally).

With a width of 38mm and a length of 10 yards, this tape offers ample coverage for all your climbing needs.

Invest in the best climbing tape on the market - Flashed Finger Tape 38mm. Climb with confidence, protect your fingers, and push beyond your limits. Get yours today and elevate your climbing experience like never before.

Allergy Alert: adhesive contains Rosin. Stop use if skin irritation occurs.