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Ursack Major XL

The Ursack Major XL, the ultimate companion for backpacking in the High Sierra. With its larger size and lightweight construction, this bear bag is designed to keep your food safe from curious bears while you explore the wilderness.

Weighing just 8.8 ounces, the Ursack Major XL is lighter than traditional bear canisters, making it a must-have for hikers seeking to reduce pack weight. Its certified bear-resistant design ensures that bears won't be able to access your food, providing peace of mind on your outdoor adventures.

Measuring 12.5"x22" and with a capacity of about 15 liters, this bear bag offers ample space for approximately 7+ days' worth of food for one person. The high-tensile strength cord features a reflective tracer, adding visibility in low light conditions.

For enhanced protection against odors, we recommend using the OPSak odor barrier bag (12 x 20), which can be inserted inside the Major XL. This collapsible bear bag is easy to store and comes with a reflective exterior tag for increased visibility at night.

Choose the Ursack Major XL for a lightweight, durable, and reliable solution to keep your food secure during your High Sierra backpacking adventures.