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Hueco Tanks North Mountain Bouldering

The Hueco Tanks Bouldering Guidebook covers 850 problems at self-guided North Mountain (200 new problems since the last edition).  Featuring stunning full-page psych photos, this book will inspire and motivate you to conquer world-class boulder problems in the West Texas desert. Each page is filled with vivid imagery that captures the essence of the bouldering experience, allowing you to visualize yourself tackling each route with confidence.

This guidebook isn't just about aesthetics. It also includes full-page maps that provide a clear overview of the entire Hueco Tanks area and each zone within. With these detailed maps, you'll be able to navigate your way through the boulder-jumbled landscape and easily find the classic you've set your sights on. This book has all the features to provide you with a smooth trip.   

There is a thorough guide to navigating the park regulations and the tour-guide system. Jason Kehl put in a big effort to update and beautify Matt Wilder’s original work. This is volume 1 of the second generation of Hueco bouldering guides. Many things have changed at Hueco since the original 2004 guidebook:  the discovery of new rock art led to changes in access, there are great new places to stay, and new problems abound! 

Take your bouldering book library to new heights with North Mountain Hueco Tanks. It's the guide that can get you sending your way through this iconic climbing destination! 

Areas covered
  • North Slope – 9 areas
  • Front Side – 7 areas
  • Eastern Slope – 4 areas
  • Top of the Chains – 5 areas
  • Summit plateau – 4 areas
  • Southern Slope – 2 areas
  • “The Backcountry” – 20+ pages of the best problems