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Superfeet green arch supports are designed for maximum shock absorption. They are meant for medium to high arched feet and work well for technical pursuits. This insole is designed to keep your foot in a neutral position, which will result in better alignment for the rest of your body. Good alignment translates to better form and less injury. Each insole can be trimmed to fit precisely inside your shoes for optimum comfort and no slippage.

Superfeet blue are a lower volume insole better suited for those with flatter feet. These work better in lower volume shoes or in shoes without a removable insole.

Insole Fit Guide:

Shoe Size Insole Size Shoe Size Insole Size
2.5 - 4 A 5.5 - 7 C
4.5 - 6 B 7.5 - 9 D
6.5 - 8
C 9.5 - 11 E
8.5 - 10
D 11.5 - 13 F
10.5 - 12 E 13.5 - 15 G