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Leki Xplore S Mitt

The Leki Xplore S Mitt is for skiers seeking exceptional warmth and style on the slopes. These waterproof mittens combine the best features of an expedition-style mitten with a sleek finish, ensuring your hands stay warm and dry in even the harshest winter conditions.

With its Primaloft filling and SOFT-TEX waterproof membrane, the Xplore S Mitt guarantees maximum insulation, optimal warmth, and unbeatable comfort. The individual finger channels provide the dexterity of gloves while delivering the cozy warmth of mittens. Moisture-wicking material between the fingers keeps your hands dry and toasty all day.

Equipped with a zippered heat pocket, these mittens allow you to insert a heat pouch for additional comfort when things get seriously chilly—worried about losing your gloves? Fear not! The Xplore S Mitt comes with a handy leash, ensuring they stay securely attached to your wrists.

But that's not all - the innovative Double Gauntlet design keeps snow outside your mittens where it belongs! So whether you're hitting the slopes for the first chair or braving brutal weather conditions, trust the Xplore S Mitt to keep your hands cozy and protected.