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Muir Energy Gel

Finally an energy gel that tastes like actual food and not a chemical slurry. That's because Muir energy gels are made from actual food, with plant-based ingredients you'll recognize from the produce aisle. Muir energy gels come in either "fast burning" or "slow burning" varieties. The fast-burning gels are made from fruits like blueberries and bananas with simple sugars that are rapidly digested, providing a quick burst of energy to break a bonk on your trail run up to Bishop Pass. The slow-burning recipes contain nuts and seeds with complex carbohydrates and fats--energy sources which are metabolized slowly to generate sustained energy. Several flavors include yerba mate for a boost of natural caffeine. Muir energy gels taste delish and are a good alternative if traditional gels upset your stomach. All flavors are vegan and gluten-free.