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Nitecore TINI 2 500 Lumen Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

From the bold adventurer to the risk-taker, the Nitecore TINI 2 500 Lumen Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight is a necessary companion. With upgraded dual OSRAM P8 LEDs, this compact and lightweight flashlight emits an intense 500 lumens, illuminating up to 97 yards with a far-reaching, uniform beam. Don't wait to unlock the potential of your next adventure, grab the TINI 2 and challenge the dark with confidence!

One of the standout features of the TINI 2 is its OLED display, which provides real-time information such as brightness level, mode, lumen output, battery voltage, and remaining runtime. No more guessing when it's time to recharge! Speaking of charging, the TINI 2 supports rapid USB-C charging, ensuring that you're always ready for any situation.

Designed for everyday carry (EDC), the TINI 2 offers convenient functionality with its dual switch design. Easily power on and off or adjust the brightness level with a simple press. The flashlight also features a half lockout mode and full lockout mode to prevent accidental activation. Additionally, it offers two user modes: demo mode for short bursts of illumination and daily mode for longer sustained use.

The Nitecore TINI 2 comes complete with two OSRAM P8 LEDs, a built-in 280mAh USB-C rechargeable battery, and a key clasp for easy attachment. Don't be fooled by its size – this compact powerhouse will be your reliable companion in any situation. Illuminate your path with confidence using the Nitecore TINI 2 500 Lumen Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight.

Technical Specifications:

  • LED: 2x OSRAM P8
  • Maximum Brightness: 500 lumens
  • Peak Beam Distance: 97 yards
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 2000 cd
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Impact Resistance: 1 m
  • Dimensions: L-1.83"xW-0.98"xH-0.49"
  • Weight: 0.66oz

Brightness Outputs:

  • Turbo: 500 lumens - 15 min runtime
  • High: 200 lumens - 45 min runtime
  • Mid: 65 lumens - 2.5 hr runtime
  • Low: 15 lumens - 8 hr runtime
  • Ultralow: 1 lumen - 60 hr runtime