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CAMP Snowline Chainsen Light

The Chainsen Light is great for trail running and expeditions where every ounce counts and perfect for approaches that include icy or packed snow terrain. The spikes provide 12 points for exceptional grip on snowy and compacted snow, while the elastomer that wraps around your shoe comes in three different sizes to ensure a secure fit and is still easy to put on and take off. The spikes and chains are made from stainless steel, making the kit extremely rust-resistant.There are three different sizes to choose from—if you plan on wearing these with larger insulated mountaineering boots, you may want to subtract one size from your shoe size to accommodate the fit of a larger boot.


  • 7.7 oz/218g
  • Fits Men's 2-4.5. Fits Women's 3.5-7 Fits Euro 34.5-37


  • 8.2 oz/231g
  • Fits Men's 4.5-7.5 Fits Women’s 5.5-8.5 Fits Euro 36-40


  • 8.6 oz/243g
  • Fits Men’s 7.5-10.5 Fits Women’s 8.5-11.5 Fits Euro 40-44


  • 9.4 oz/267g
  • Fits Men’s 10.5-13.5 Fits Euro 44-48