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Kohla Green Line Skin Wax "To-Go"

Kohla's Green Line Skin Wax is the ideal choice for backcountry skiers who want to maintain the performance of their skins while also caring for the environment. With its easy application and long-lasting performance, you can focus on your skiing and leave the skin maintenance to the experts at Kohla.

Take the Green Line Skin Wax with you on the go without any hassle, as it comes in a compact, lightweight bar that easily fits in your backpack. The "To-Go" size makes it convenient for backcountry skiers who are always on the move and need to reapply wax on their skins quickly and efficiently.

The Kohla Green Line Skin Wax is formulated to provide optimal glide and grip in all conditions, whether it's wet, dry, cold, or warm. It's perfect for skiers in the Eastern Sierra, where the varying conditions can make it difficult to maintain the performance of your skins. With the Green Line Skin Wax, you can be confident that your skins will perform at their best, allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease.