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Leki Copper S Gloves

The Leki Copper S Gloves are a must-have ski glove for Eastside skiers. Crafted with 100% goatskin, these gloves offer a supple and pleasant touch, ensuring maximum comfort during your adventures. The Fiberloft insulation provides excellent breathability and guarantees a pleasant feel inside the glove.

Featuring silicone Nash trim on the palm side, the Copper S Gloves deliver an unbeatable grip, giving you confidence when skiing. The neoprene cuffs extend beyond the wrist, eliminating any cold gaps below your sleeves, so you can focus on skiing the slopes without the distraction of chilly hands.

Equipped with the innovative Trigger System, these gloves directly connect your hand and the pole, providing enhanced control and precision. With rapid clicking in and out, you can effortlessly adjust your gear while a safety release ensures protection against injuries.

The Leki Copper S Gloves feature a Comfort Fit design, offering a slightly looser cut for a pleasant wearing experience and consistently warm hands. The EVA knuckle pads, silicone-enforced grip pads, and flex cuff further enhance your performance and comfort on the mountain.

Created with multi-layered water-resistant laminates, these gloves provide the highest level of water resistance, keeping your hands dry even during an Atmospheric River in the Sierra.