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Purl Acrylic Wax Scraper

Our 5mm thick plastic wax scrapers are the perfect tool for removing excess wax from your bases. These scrapers are sharp, durable, and can be resharpened with our scraper sharpener to ensure they always perform at their best.

We offer two sizes to choose from - a 6" scraper for those small, precise jobs, and a 9" scraper for larger surfaces. Both sizes feature a corner notch for easy edge cleaning.

While steel scrapers are effective at removing wax, they can also take off more than just wax if not used properly. That's why we recommend using our plexi scrapers, which are gentle on your bases and won't cause any accidental damage. These scrapers are perfect for both beginner and pro techs alike.

Stop by Sage to Summit today and pick up a wax scraper - your skis and snowboards will thank you.