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OS1st Ankle Bracing Sleeve

An ankle compression sleeve designed to improve stability and relieve Achilles tendinitis. Compression sleeves from OS1st are specially engineered from multiple fabrics to apply pressure in just the needed areas, without over-constricting your foot. Sold as either a left or right sleeve.

Sizing Guide

 Size Ankle Circumference Shoe Size
S 5.5-6.5 in 5-6(M) / 6-8(W)
M 7-8.25 in 7-8.5(M) / 9-10(W)
L 8.5-9.5 in 9-11(M) / 11-13(W)
XL 10-12 in 11.5-13(M)
XXL 12+ in 13+(M)