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Rhino Skin Skin File (80 Grit)

The Rhino Skin File -80 grit, is your ultimate solution for healthy, resilient skin. Say goodbye to callouses, splits, and tears with this top-quality texture.

Designed to quickly and effectively file down even the most challenging skin issues, the 80-grit Skin File is a must-have tool for anyone seeking smooth, flawless hands for continued climbing. By consistently filing your skin, you'll notice a significant increase in the strength and durability of your skin over time.

Not only does this Skin File reduce calloused and damaged skin, but it also minimizes the likelihood of painful flappers and rips. For best results, pair it with Rhino Repair cream and incorporate it into your nightly skincare routine to remove dead skin and build tougher tips.

Conveniently sized to fit inside your climbing bag, this Skin File is a game-changer for rock climbers. It is a favorite for all Bishop climbers!