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Adventure Ready Compostable Towelette Refill (20 Count)

Adventure awaits, so be prepared with the Adventure Ready Compostable Towelette Refill (20 Count). Keep your gear clean and the environment happy with these eco-conscious towelettes. These compressed towelettes are lightweight, compact, and an essential addition to your pack.

Refilling your Clean Capsule has never been easier with this 20-pack of towelettes. With just a few drops of water, these durable all-purpose towelettes expand, ready to tackle any mess. Whether you need to wipe your hands after a muddy hike or clean up dishes at the campsite, these towelettes have got you covered. Plus, they're designed to follow best practices for wilderness clean up - just pack out all waste!

The Adventure Ready Compostable Towelette Refill is not only convenient but also eco-friendly. Made from compostable materials, these towelettes minimize environmental impact without compromising on performance.


  • Handle On-the-Go Cleaning - 20-pack of Compressed Towelettes can be used to wipe hands, and dishes, or clean up any messes on the trail or during travel
  • Just Add Water - Expand with just a few drops of water
  • Lightweight, Packable, and Durable - Compact, ultralight towelettes take up very little room when compressed
  • Refill Your Clean Capsule - 20 pack of towelettes is designed to replenish your Clean Capsule