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CAMP XLC 490 Universal Crampons

True to form, CAMP USA has created the XLC 490 – the world’s lightest, strap-on, 12-point crampon! Thermoplastic toe and heel harnesses with secure nylon straps allow this crampon to securely fit nearly all footwear, from trail runners to approach shoes, hiking boots, mountain boots, and ski boots. These are made from aluminum with a 3-dimensional, stamped frame. This increases strength and performance. Aluminum crampons are not designed on steep ice or rocky terrain but on firm snow, as encountered on the Pacific Crest Trail in June or on snowy mountain slopes in winter, spring, and early summer. These crampons can do it all, allowing you to keep your pack and feet as light as possible. A Sierra Mountain Guides Favorite!

Technical Features:

  • Great for ultralight fastpacking, winter, spring, and early summer alpine mountaineering, high-altitude climbing, and hiking
  • 3-D shaped frame for performance and strength
  • Universal bindings fit most mountain footwear
  • Wear indicators on side points indicate the time for replacement
  • Optional anti-balling plates are available
  • Weight: 490g (17.3 oz)
  • Size range: 36-48cm (14-19 in)