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FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks

These over-the-calf compression bracing socks from OS1st provide target compression and support to your entire foot and lower leg. Compression can help improve blood flow to these areas, enhancing endurance and speeding recovery. These are an excellent option for those in need of exceptional support for extended missions in the Sierras and beyond. They can be used during activity or as a recovery tool after a workout. 

Sizing Guide

Size Ankle Circumference 
Calf Circumference Shoe Size
S 6.5-8.5 in 9.5-14.5 in 3-5.5(M) / 4-6.5(W)
M 8.5-10.5 in 12-17 in 6-9.5(M) / 7-10.5(W)
L 9.5-12.5 in 14-19 in 10-13(M) / 11+(W)
XL 12-14 in 14.5-20 in 13.5-15(M)