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Hydrapak Flux+ Bottle

Introducing the HydraPak Flux 1.5 & Filter Kit, the ultimate hydration and filtration solution for mountain running, mountaineering, and backpacking adventures in the Eastern Sierra. This lightweight and versatile kit allows you access to clean drinking water anywhere, so you can stay hydrated and safe on the trail.

The Flux+ 1.5L sets a new standard for fast and efficient water filtration. The integrated filter removes bacteria and protozoa from approximately 1,500 liters of water at a rate of >1L per minute. Simply roll or squeeze your Flux to filter into other camp containers or drink freshly filtered water on the go. And with its uniquely shaped design, the Flux+ is shorter, more stable, and easier to fit in pack pockets than standard hard bottles. It even rolls up when empty for space-saving storage.

Not only does the Flux+ filter your water, but it also features a dust cover and high-flow nozzle to keep your drink nozzle clean and quickly open and close with one hand. The twist-to-drink nozzle offers a traditional wide-mouth bottle experience with more flow and less splash.

Designed to fit in pack pockets when full and roll up when empty, the Flux+ also features a flexible bail handle for comfortable carrying and quick attachment when filling in a lake or river.

Stay hydrated and safe on your Eastern Sierra adventures with the HydraPak Flux 1.5 & Filter Kit. Get yours today and experience fast and safe water filtration like never before!