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Jetboil JetGauge

If you're an avid backpacker, hiker or mountain runner, you know the importance of checking your fuel levels before setting out on a trip. With the Jetboil JetGauge, you'll always know exactly how much fuel you have left in your Jetboil canister or any other isobutane/propane backpacking fuel canister. This easy-to-use device features three settings for 100 g, 230 g, and 450 g JetPower canisters, and provides an accurate digital output of the fuel levels.

The JetGauge also comes with a convenient usage guide, which helps with meal planning and determining how much fuel you'll need for each meal. And because it's compatible with most isobutane/propane backpacking fuel canisters, you can use it with all your camping stoves, not just your Jetboil.

Weighing only 3 ounces, the JetGauge is lightweight and easy to pack. So, whether you're planning a long backpacking trip or a quick mountain run, make sure you have the Jetboil JetGauge with you to stay on top of your fuel levels and avoid running out of gas.