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OS1st Performance Foot Sleeve

The OS1st Performance Foot Sleeves are one of our top recommendations for customers with plantar fasciitis and other arch/heel pain. These sleeves provide targeted compression to support stressed muscles and tendons in this area. They leave your toes open for comfort, allowing you to wear these under socks without bulk in the front of your shoe. The rocky and steep trail running on the Eastside is tough on your feet, so supporting them with the right recovery tools is important!

Sizing Guide

Size Arch Circumference Shoe Size
S 5-8 in 3-5.5(M) / 4-6.5(W)
M 7-10 in 6-9.5(M) / 7-10.5(W)
L 9-13 in 10-13(M) / 11+(W)
XL 11-15 in 13.5+(M)
XXL 13-18 in 15.5+(M)