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SOL Deluxe Map Compass

Discover your way through the breathtaking landscapes of the Eastern Sierra with the SOL Deluxe Map Compass. This premium compass is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts exploring the scenic wonders of Bishop and its surrounding areas.

With its reliable and accurate navigation capabilities, the SOL Deluxe Map Compass ensures you stay on track during your outdoor adventures. Whether you're hiking along picturesque trails, climbing majestic peaks, or navigating the pristine wilderness, this compass will guide you with confidence.

Designed to withstand rugged conditions, the SOL Deluxe Map Compass is built to last. Its durable construction ensures reliability even in challenging environments, making it an ideal companion for your explorations.

Equipped with clear markings and a magnifying lens, this compass allows you to accurately read and interpret maps, enabling you to plan your routes effectively. The rotating bezel and adjustable declination further enhance its usability, ensuring precise navigation tailored to your specific location.