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Ursack AllMitey

The Ursack AllMitey is great for Sierra backpacking food storage solutions. No longer do you have to compromise between bear protection and critter resistance. This innovative backpacking essential safeguards your food from all creatures, big and small.

Crafted with a combination of laminated UHMWP and Kevlar, the Ursack AllMitey is virtually puncture-proof, ensuring that even the sharpest-toothed critters won't stand a chance. Its rugged material not only keeps out bears' teeth and claws but also thwarts mice, raccoons, squirrels, pine martens, and more.

Weighing just 9.5 ounces, the AllMitey is significantly lighter than any canister while offering a generous capacity of approximately 10.65 Liters, providing enough space for about 5 days of food for one person. The 6-foot high tensile strength cord with a reflective tracer makes it easy to secure, while the reflective exterior tag enhances visibility during nighttime.

For added convenience, we recommend pairing the AllMitey with our Odor Barrier Bag (OP Sak 12 x 20). Ensure a worry-free and enjoyable backpacking experience with the unbeatable protection of the Ursack AllMitey.