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September 15, 2021 2 min read

Altra Paradigm 6 


  • Weight-10.3 oz
  • Stack Height- 34 mm
  • Heel to Toe Offset- 0 mm

Quick Facts:

  • The shoe has a breathable mesh upper with a spacious toe box
  • The midsole provides ample cushioning 
  • Enough energy return to pick up the pace
  • Will carry you across roads 

General Info

The Altra Paradigm 6 is a completely redesigned stability shoe done in collaboration with Olympian Kara Goucher. A redone Ego Max midsole is on the shoe, along with a flashy but straightforward engineered mesh upper. With this iteration, the simple stability shoe has evolved from “a dad shoe” to a viable daily trainer option for runners who seek more cushioning. 

The Good

For starters, this shoe redefined what a stability shoe can do. The Paradigm 6 is light enough to take out on your daily runs while also providing enough cushioning for those who want added protection. The engineered mesh upper is nice and breathable, allowing my feet to breathe even under the hot Bishop sun. The midsole is very responsive, allowing for runners to effortlessly get into 6:30 a mile territory. The stability elements in the shoe are very subtle and only come out for those runners who need them, which allows the shoe to perform more like a traditional daily trainer. 

Who This Shoe is For

This shoe is definitely for runners looking for a more flexibly designed stability shoe while still looking for cushioning and subtle stability elements. This shoe is perfect for the slightly bigger beginner runner or someone who wants that plush feel.   For more experienced runners, paradigm 6 is ideal for those easy recovery run days when you need that extra amount of cushioning to keep moving. The shoe is also for runners who like the maximalist feel of the Hoka but want to have a wider toe box or experience the zero drop technology offered by Altra. For those looking to cruise the roads at a leisurely pace, this shoe is right for you.

Another Function

For workers that spend many hours on their feet a day, paradigm six will offer you plenty of support for your workday. While this is a running shoe, it functions very well as a casual shoe and is comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Who This Shoe Isn’t For

While being marketed as a stability shoe, this shoe is far from the maximum stability offered by Asics. Though not a con, this shoe isn’t for those who want high stability elements on their shoes. 

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Altra Paradigm 6 is a new feeling stability shoe with redesigned elements that allow it to perform like a daily trainer/recovery day shoe. Perfect for everyday wear to easy runs, the Paradigm 6 is here to stay. Hopefully, we can keep seeing this type of innovation from Altra in the future.

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