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January 06, 2021 2 min read

Well it has been an amazing start to the bouldering season out here in Bishop, California and I have been super stoked on using some new crash pads from Asana. Here’s a look at what we have in stock down at Sage to Summit. 

Climber on the Tut Boulder in the Buttermilks, using Asana Crash Pads.

We are carrying 3 different crash pads, and 3 different slider or spotter pads. For the crash pads we have the Super Hero, Hero and the Sidekick. Lately I have been taking out the Super Hero which is the largest pad made by Asana coming in at 57 x 40 x 4 inches and weighing only 15lbs. Most of the other larger size pads out there are coming in anywhere from 17-20+ lbs. This may not seem like much but when you add a second pad to the stack, things start to get heavy, quickly. And who wants to carry extra weight to the boulders? Which brings me to the next amazing feature about the Super Hero, the closure system. Asana uses just two straps that come around the bottom corner of the pad and allow you to quickly pack up or attach a second pad. The straps are even long enough to attach another Super Hero! Carrying multiple pads has never been easier or lighter! 

Climbing in Bishop, California with Asana crash pads

The Sidekick and Hero pads are the same size (48 x 36 x 4 inches) but have different closure systems. The Hero pad has the same closure system as the Super Hero making it easy to carry multiple pads. The Sidekick has the standard 3 strap closure system, two on the long side and one on the bottom which cuts down some of the weight. The Hero pad comes in at 13lbs and the Sidekick is a mear 11lbs. These are both great options when storage space is an issue in the car or at home. They also make a great addition to the Super Hero to really beef up those landing zones. 

As for the spotter pads we have the Pro Spotter Pad, the Super Star and the Rock Star pads. Each of these has its place in the world of crash pads. The Pro Spotter Pad is a nice blend of everything because it folds up into a smaller sized slider pad or you can unzip the case and take out the inside to create a crack free landing zone for those taller more intimidating problems. The Rock Star pad is the tried and true slider pad that can be used to cover gaps in between pads, used at the start for those true sit down starts, or just as a seat to put your shoes on before you start cranking. The Super Star pad is basically two slider pads that have buckles to clip together to make one or break apart to cover two different zones. 

Climbing in Buttermilk Country, Bishop, CA

All in all, I’ve been very psyched on the Asana crash pad line. There is nothing better than that warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you look down from 15 feet off the deck and see a sea of neatly stacked foam waiting to snuggle you up after you blow that hand heel match. Thanks for keeping us safe out there Asana! 

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